Vorsicht Deskmat

Vorsicht Deskmat

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Deskmat Contest

From the community to the community!! The ELB deskmat contest was held in our discord server in late May 2021, and we had 24 submissions from 8 members. Top three entries were voted by the community and moved into GB stage.

1st - Animal Doodles Mat, by Mouseisfine 

2nd - Vorsicht, by Cocoa

3rd - Neptune, by Android

Introduction from the designer

Inspired by the comedic realist art of Berlin, and designed by Cocoa



  • 900mm x 400mm, 5mm thick
  • Waterproof and sunshine proof
  • Please kindly note that the colors you are watching now is highly dependent on the screen you are using and might be slightly different than the actual production unit.