UTD356mini PCB and Plate

UTD356mini PCB and Plate

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Please read the following if you are entering the Group Buy. By checking out the product in this page, you are committed to the details below. Most importantly, you acknowledge and agree to the rules in the FAQ page.

Links to enter the GB of UTD356mini: Here

Do not combine order with in-stock items.


Like most other drops in this hobby, this is unexceptionally a Group Buy, which is a sale method similar to a pre-order. Payments will be collected ahead of time, and there is often an extended timeline from the order date to when the product is shipped out, with these timelines ranging from a couple weeks to several months. I don’t have any reason to believe this will be delayed extensively and I will do my best to deliver on time, but hey, you know things can get fuzzy this time around. There are no refunds or cancellations for this order. 

Timeline and Updates

Canadian exclusive GB: 03/25 1pm Eastern Time to 03/31. Extra PCBs and plates are unlimited but will end at the same time.

US exclusive GB: 04/01 to 05/13, unlimited

Every pair of PCB+Plate will come with a free O-ring.


Sandblasted aluminum plate, in red

PCB, QMK compatible. USB mini.

r/mechmarket Post: here